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Location de voitures et de 4X4 à Marrakech Maroc, location voiture pas cher, location 4x4 à Marrakech Maroc.

Morocco is a country in North Africa surrounded by both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Just 14 kilometers from the European continent, it is an especially interesting and magnificent destination. Morocco has a great landscape diversity, offering rural, mountain and desert landscapes. Its tourist capital Marrakech, is one of the favorite destinations in Morocco. Marrakech dates from the 11th century. As an imperial city, it has been a key cultural centre for Islamic art as well as a major commercial hub for Morocco. Its main square, Djemaa el Fna, is a very attractive place for tourists, since at sunset,it gatherscrowds of musicians. fireeaters, snakecharmers, exoticacrobats, fortune tellers.... The best idea to enjoy your vacation in Morocco is car rental.

Trocadero Rent Car

TrocaderoRent Car offers you a wide range of vehicles,always looking for competitive prices, adapted to your needs.
TrocaderoRent Car is a car rental company without driver. Through our experience, we have gone from being a small family business to becoming a reference in car rental in Marrakech. From our beginnings we have opted to provide a quality service to our customers through a qualified staff and with a wide range of latest generation vehicles

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